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Heart wrenching as the first book I Too had a Love Story was, we continue with Ravin’s touching account of his life in the sequel, Can Love Happen Twice? It begins with Ravin and his friends being invited to a radio show to talk about love, but when Ravin fails to show up, the world is holding its breath while his friends recount Ravin’s thoughts from an unfinished book written by him. What unfolds later on in the story is quite exclamatory for the listeners and they wait with anticipation for Ravin to turn up for the show. Some of the questions in all of their minds are: What happened to him after the sufferings he had been through in the first book? Was he able to find someone for himself? Is something holding him back? Can Love Happen Twice? is a man’s attempt at love, for the second time, which is as hard a task as it sounds. Whether he is able to conquer it and get his ‘happily ever after’ is a question that remains unanswered until you pick up your own copy. Ravinder Singh’s sequel to I Too had a Love Story, published by Penguin India in 2011, is available in paperback, Kindle edition and audiobook.

Ravinder Singh was a Techie from Microsoft, who, after working as a Sr. Program Manager for years, decided to become a full-time writer. His first book, I Too had a Love Story, took the young generation by storm and the true story of his love and pain was read and re-read by his fans. His other works include I Too had a Love Story and Like it Happened Yesterday.

Image Can Love Happen Twice? One Dusk had fallen when Amardeep walked out of the exit gate of the busy Chandigarh airport. A chilly winter welcomed him for the very first time to ‘The City Beautiful’. The evening was even more beautiful for it was Valentine’s Day. Love was in the air and red was the colour everywhere. The temperature must have been close to 4 degrees. Adding to the winter chill was the cool breeze which was blowing that evening, compelling the just-arrived passengers to pull out their jackets. Enjoying the initial few moments, Amardeep let his body feel and embrace the cold surrounding him, but he could not bear it for long. Soon he pulled out his jacket and zipped it up till his neck. The foggy breath that he exhaled was visible. It was that cold.

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